Custom Float Frames

Custom Float Frames



Handcrafted float frames.

Created with only the highest quality materials, our frames are made to size and to suit any artwork on canvas, linen, art panel, board or other substrate. A float frame is designed to give the appearance of your artwork floating within the frame with no visible point of contact. This helps to create depth, focus and emphasises the artwork in a flattering manner.

All the mounting is completed using a technique that does not damage the artwork surface in any way and the frame can be removed again at a later date if needed.

Float frames showcase your art, beautifully finishing off your creation and giving it the chance to shine. It is a popular choice amongst most modern galleries, designers and collectors. We cater directly to artists who would like to present their art professionally as well as collectors that have artworks that they want to protect and display.

Our focus is on quality and affordability, contact us today to discuss how we can help you.


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All quotes are free and there is no minimum order, we will frame one artwork or fifty - although fifty will take a while.




Trent has produced several frames for me over the last few months and they are always perfect. His quality workmanship is obvious
— Clair B
Trent recently framed an artwork of mine and I couldn’t be happier. The frame showcases the painting in a beautiful but simple manner and it gets compliments by everyone
— Jaylise H
Trent is a great bloke who is very good at what he does. His float frames fit perfectly every time and they are built to last.
— Michael H



I only work with the best materials available and I never compromise quality for time. My goal is to create a high quality product to showcase your art and allow it to shine. I am able to accommodate different depths and sizes and all frames are completed ready to hang with wire and felt padding on the back.



About Me


I have been working in the construction industry for most of my life and I have always enjoyed making things with my hands. I am a perfectionist and I pride myself on precision and quality. I love the feeling and natural qualities of timber and I find the process of creating frames very relaxing and satisfying.

What can you put in a float frame?

A float frame (also sometimes called a box frame) can be used to frame stretched canvas, art panels, ply wood, MDF panels, paper mounted onto plywood, canvas prints, acrylic mounted prints … the list continues. Basically anything that does not need to be mounted behind glass can be placed in a float frame.

Do you need my artwork with you to make a frame?

In an ideal world, yes. Because the frames are custom made to suit the dimensions of your artwork, it is best if I can have your art in the workshop while the frame is made. I am then able to correctly mount the artwork into the fame to ensure it is spaced correctly and secure. If you are not able to bring the artwork to me yourself, you can ship it and I will package and ship it back to you once complete.